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Curbside can now push real-time orders from clinical pathways into your EHR. SCHEDULE A DEMO
Reimagine the Practice of Medicine.
Intelligent support at the point-of-care.
Leading medical centers use Curbside to optimize reimbursement, improve outcomes and save millions in overhead. Get started with the world's first fully EHR-integrated decision assistant for orders, billing, pathways, notes and more.
Standardize best practices for your entire team, customized to your priorities.
Created by clinician scientists dedicated to optimizing real-world healthcare delivery.
For use by qualified and trained healthcare practitioners (MD/DO, PA/NP, RN, etc.).
Hit Your Metrics
Target, deploy, track, and increase evidence-based care. Clinical workflows and pathways reduce variation to align practice with your internal policies and reimbursement requirements.
Continuous Process Improvement
Grow a culture of continuous improvement through data-driven insights, real-time run charts and smart, provider-friendly analytics.
Accelerate Provider Efficiency
Save clinician time (and wellness) with automated documentation and streamlined billing optimization. Support effortless adherence to internal and external protocols and policies.
Our Solutions
EHR-Integrated Clinical Pathways
Customized, patient-specific, and evidence-based content at the point-of-care ensures that it is easier and faster for providers to make the most effective decisions. Bring your pathways to life: they are actionable at the point-of-care, generating the best orders to ensure quality and efficiency.
Team-Based Clinical Effectivness
Guarantee that your pathways are always current through a robust content management solution. Use and customize from hundreds of template pathways available from our experts. Similar to Google Drive, collaborate asynchronously or in real-time online to generate and update the clinical resources that support your entire organization: pathways, protocols, A3, Ishikawa diagrams, checklists, etc).
Protocol Management
Modernizes development, maintenance and governance of protocols through a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform. Converts your PDF/Word document model into a contextualized model which delivers the right information at the right moment to the clinician inside their EHR workflow. Following best practice and your institutional protocols should be effortless for providers.
Security & Compliance
The security program at Curbside protects your organization, data and ePHI at every layer. Learn more
With all of your clinical effectivness tools in one place, empower your teams to provide continiously improving high-value care, for every patient.
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