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Curbside can now push real-time orders from clinical pathways into your EHR. SCHEDULE A DEMO
Where teams design
care together.
The tools to meet your KPIs
Build a new culture of continious improvement, outcome optimization and clinician wellness.
Hit Your Metrics
Target, deploy and track evidence-based clinical workflows that recommend orders and standardize care practice in line with CMS, payor and local high-value care reimbursement requirements.
Continious Process Improvement
Enable data-driven insights, real-time run charts and smart triggers to drive a culture change towards continious improvement across your clinical teams.
Automate Low-Value Tasks
Save clinican time (and wellness) with document automation, protocol adherence and billing optimization. Give your team the tools to practice at the top of their license.
Our Solutions
EHR-Integrated Clinical Pathways
Turns PDF, paper and Intranet pathways into interactive workflows at the point-of-care to diagnose, treat and manage your patients. Informed by patient data in real-time through FHIR APIs (Epic systems, Cerner, etc.), your pathways can placed orders directly back into your EHR. Hundreds of template pathways from our clinical experts are ready to go live day one, or create your own custom pathways on Curbside in minuites.
Team-Based Clinical Effectivness
Converts the building, optimization and governance of CE tools into multi-player mode. Similar to google drive your team can collaborate together in real-time online to generate the clinical resources required to drive systemic change (A3, Ishikawa diagrams, Checklists, etc.)
Protocol Management
Modernizes development, maintence and governance of protocols through a cloud-based, user-centric platoform. Converts your PDF/Word document model into a contextualized model which delivers the right information at the right moment to the clinican inside their EHR workflow.
Security & Compliance
The security program at Curbside protects your organization, data and ePHI at every layer. Learn more