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Privacy Policy

Curbside values the privacy of our members and visitors and is committed to ensuring privacy at the highest level possible. Curbside does not sell or share the personal information of members or visitors with any other source.

Visitor Information

Visitors (or members not currently signed in) never have any personal information automatically collected about them by Curbside.

Member Information

Curbside does not share our members’ information with any other source for advertising, subscriptions, email marketing or any other reason. Information containing your name, place and nature of work is voluntary and only collected during the member sign up process. All members have the ability to determine which alert information will be sent to them in their settings page.

All members signing up with Curbside have the choice whether or not to provide personal information, however some information (name and email) are required to provide you with membership services.

Use of Member Information

Information you have provided Curbside may be used internally by Curbside to better offer services to you and all members. For instance, you may assign your colleagues learning modules on Curbside or save your favorite pathways. Curbside may also use your member information to improve the content and appearance of our services to better and more simply offer our value to our members. Curbside reserves the right to disclose your member information under very limited circumstances in the event that Curbside believes that our systems are being used to commit unlawful acts or if the disclosure of your member information is required to comply with applicable laws or regulations or with government, court or administrative order.

Personal Health Information

A major feature of Curbside is to exchange and display data from electronic medical health records. This information includes (“Personal Health Information”) from which individuals and patients may be identified. For purposes of this Privacy Policy, Curbside’s use of this information in such capacity is only providing a service to its users and is operating as means of storing, exchanging, and displaying this information. Any information stored, exchanged, and displayed may be stored by Curbside (or providers on behalf of Curbside). Through use of Curbside to access or interact with any such Personal Health Information, you acknowledge that you have secured any necessary permission to do so in any capacity. Additional technical details are available upon request and typically discussed during the onboarding process.

Non-personally Identifying Information

Curbside may collect and use non-personally identifying information to improve its services and value to its members and customers. This type of information includes: aggregate page visits, operating system type, IP address, browser type or country of origin.

Use of Non-personally Identifying Informatio

Your non-personally identifying information is not shared with any third party and is used internally within Curbside to improve the services offered to visitors and members.

Other Sources of Information About You

This Privacy Policy governs only information gathered from you through this application. It does not govern information gathered from you through any other means.

Information Disclosure

Regarding Personal Health Information exchanged through Curbside’s services, these communications and the information may be stored by Curbside, on our behalf as required by United States law. Unless prohibited by law, we may use and disclose this information: if we believe that any law/regulation requires; in response to a subpoena or governmental request; as we deem necessary to protect safety, rights, privacy or property; and to respond to a possible violation of any law/regulation.

Monitor your Use

Curbside may place a small text file "cookie" in the browser file of your computer. Cookies are used by many websites and allow Curbside to provide you with personalized information. The cookie placed by Curbside does not contain any personally information and you can set your browser to notify you and accept/deny the Curbside cookie at any time.
Curbside reserves the right to monitor your use of its services at any time, without notice.

Updates and Corrections, Access

By using Curbside’s services, or providing us with your Personally Identifiable Information, we ask that you keep information we maintain about you and your organization on our systems, such as your name, email address, and other information, complete and up to date.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time in our discretion. We will post a notice on the Site for at least thirty (30) days for any major update.

Effective Date

Last update December 9, 2020.