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Everyone deserves world-class, effective care.
Empower your team to practice safer, faster, more cost effective medicine with intelligent support at the point of care (Epic™ or Cerner™).

Imagine if everyone practiced like an expert

Leading medical centers use Curbside to standardize the best practices of their entire team with evidence-based workflows, customized to their priorities. Curbside’s data-driven decision optimization system is proven to reduce practice variation and improve adherence to institutional best practices.

  • Decreased Variation & Mitigate Risk
  • Drive a Continuous Process Improvement Culture
  • Accelerate Provider Efficiency & Throughput
  • Optimize Clinician Wellness & Engagement

Curbside is intelligent decision support at the point-of-care. Get started with the world's first fully EHR-integrated decision assistant for orders, billing, pathways, notes and more.


Introducing the next clinician interface

Curbside delivers intelligent support for optimized clinical effectiveness built into the core workflows of clinicians. Instead of one-off decisions, the process of decision making is affected systemically with the world's best evidence - tailored to your patients and customized for your institution.

Our EHR SMART on FHIR app reimagines how a clinician places orders, records documentation and communicates with colleagues. It's a revolution in design that puts the clinical needs as the driving goal of the entire system.

In a world increasing focused on value, understand how your organization can improve outcomes cut costs and boost reimbursements with Curbside.

The Standard in Security
The security program at Curbside protects your organization, data and ePHI at every layer.
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