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Better decisions.
Better outcomes.
Better bottom line.
Curbside's point-of-care decision optimization decreases variation, improves throughput, ensures quality, mitigates risk, and improves clinician experience.
Standardization of clinical care

Get everyone on the same page

Reigning in variation is key to improving clinical and operation outcomes. Curbside integrates clinical evidence and patient data to efficiently guide care with proven precision and effectiveness.
Extending the scope of clinical practice

Shift tasks to the most relevant clinician type

Curbside ensures that every clinician is practicing at the top of their license. This can have profound effects in health system capacity where APPs (NP/PAs), RNs and generalist physicians can safely perform duties otherwise outside their current requirements (with analytics, real-time oversight and governance included).
Capture more reimbursement

Stop leaving money you worked for on the table

Because Curbside understands the context of clinician's actions it can intelligently, and automatically suggest optimal and missed documentation directly within the workflow. Health care organizations are leaving millions on the table for work they already did. Curbside makes sure everything is fair, for the clinician, the provider and the payor.
Quality, safety and risk mitigation

Drive a culture of continuous improvement

Curbside improves MIPS, MACRA, PAMA and other CMS metric performance while ensuring better patient safety and decreased legal exposure. With patient specific EHR data informing real-time pathway logic, each patient is delivered a custom care plan within the standard framework.
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